Experience Höga Kusten, Härnön and Vårdkasberget

On Härnön in the High Coast is Vårdkasberget – one of the most accessible view mountains on the High Coast. There is a road all the way to the top where you are greeted by a wonderful view of large parts of the High Coast. From the top of Vårdkasberget there are several nice hiking, cycling and trail trails.

There are no pitches or camping, but there are plenty of parking spaces. The car parks are not marked so it is the right of public access that applies. I.e. 24 h it is ok to stand. You can find a map of the area at the bottom of the page.

At Härnö Outdoor we want to create an inclusive meeting place that inspires, engages and creates encounters between people. Härnö Outdoor Lodge is the obvious meeting place for everyone who visits and uses the mountain.

Welcome to the mountain

Härnö Outdoor Lodge

With a passion for nature and traditional craftsmanship, we create a dining experience together with our guests. At Härnö Outdoor Lodge, the meeting is as much a part of the experience as the food and drink. We create the food from the best ingredients we come across and with joy and passion we will cook whatever we think is good at the time.

The kitchen likes to use local ingredients but prepared with techniques from all over the world, all to never hinder creativity. For the best possible dining experience, the menu is constantly evolving.

At Härnö Outdoor Lodge you will get good food cooked with love.

Weekend menu daytime 11-16

Meatballs 175,-
potato salad, fried onions, radish
Smoked salmon 175,-
spinach a la creme, potatoes
Herring platter 145,-
(varies depending on availability) classic accompaniments such as bread, butter, cheese
Today’s sandwish 95,-
Soup of the day (vegetarian) 135,-
Spleen dumplings with filling 85,-
– smoked whitefish & chives – reindeer steak & horseradish – feta cheese, red onion & sriracha sauce

Dinner and evening at the Lodge

During the period 1 May – 22 June we are open in the evenings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursdays we fire up our wood-fired oven and make pizza for the whole family:
Fridays and Saturdays we have a little different focus and taste experience. Everything from BBQs to tasting tours and Champagne tasting. See the booking calendar below for what’s on offer.

Activities on Vårdkasen and Härnön

Getting here

Härnö Outdoor Lodge and Vårdkasberget are 4 km from the centre of Härnösand and the E4 motorway. Enter Vårdkasberget or Härnö Outdoor Lodge in your map and follow the directions.

Hitta till Vårdkasberget i Härnösand från E4 Härnö Outdoor Lodge
Map activities Vårdkasberget