Taste walk with local food from the High Coast

We have composed a 5-course tasting walk with ingredients from local REKO-ring in Härnösand and Höga Kusten. We go to different places around the lodge and enjoy our locally produced food. The hike includes 5 different dishes with ingredients from the REKO ring (i.e. locally produced ingredients). This is accompanied by a drinks package (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) so that you, the guest, can enjoy a complete gastronomic experience. Price 1490,- (alcohol) / 1290,- (non-alcoholic).


  • 18 June

  • 22 July
    23 July

  • 26 August
    27 August (fully booked)

The tasting experience starts with a short hike with gastronomic elements. We experience the scents and sensations of nature while enjoying local delicacies. The hike ends at Härnö Outdoor Lodge and we continue our dining experience with hot dishes and dessert.

  • Nature guide accompanying the 2 km hike

  • 2-3 meals are enjoyed along the hike.

  • Hot dishes and dessert are served at Härnö Outdoor Lodge

Sandra Itämaa

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Choose one of the dates 18 June, 22-23 July or 26-27 August in the booking calendar below.


Hike: The hike is about 2 km and is relatively easy, but in parts it is walking on uneven ground.
Food: 2-3 starters during the tasting walk. Hot dishes and desserts The food is always lactose-free.
Price: tasting walk including drinks 1490,- (alcohol) / 1290,- (non-alcoholic).
What should I bring? Dress for the weather and good shoes.
Special diet: we can adapt the menu for special diet and vegetarian, but need to know before
In case of rain: we shorten the walk slightly, but we eat two of the meals outside. Bring rain gear
Start of the hike: Härnö Outdoor Lodge at Vårdkasen in Härnösand
Accommodation: First Hotel Stadt, Royal Hotel or Hotel City are located in the centre of Hörnösand. about 3.5 km from Härnö Outdoor Lodge.

Sandra Itämaa