Cycling and mountain biking on Härnön in Höga Kusten

Conference in Härnösand and Höga Kusten

Few places in our country offer such hilly and varied terrain as the High Coast. On Härnön there are both excellent trails and good paths and roads for free cycling. Cycling on Härnön offers everything from advanced Mtb to pleasure cycling on smaller roads.

Further down on this page you will find suggestions for cycling on Härnön. For both road and mountain biking. Do you want help and suggestions for cycling in the High Coast. Email or call our bike man Micke Englund 070-5189910.

Mountain biking on Härnön in Höga Kusten

Holmbergsrundan and Gerestavarvet – Two great mtb trails in the High Coast

At the top of the Vårdkasen there are two signposted circuits specially adapted for mountain biking. The Gerestavarvet is an 8.5 km long and technically easy trail, but with a slightly tough finish. Holmbergsrundan is 7.5 kilometers and medium difficulty with some technical parts. Both trails offer a wide variety of cycling, ranging from fast single tracks to messy rocky sections and cliffs.

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Mountain biking on Härnöleden

Härnöleden is a combined cycling and hiking trail that also has a lot of variety, from flow trails to steep rock cycling. The trail is just over two miles long and takes you around a large part of Härnön, via, for example, Sälsten, Smitingen and Vårdkasen. In a few places you may need to carry or lead the bike.

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Free cycling on Härnön

To get the most out of cycling on Härnön, you can combine different trails and paths. Contact us at Härnö Outdoor for tips on good cycling
Email or call our mtbgubbe Micke Englund 070-5189910 .

The Trailforks app also has lots of great cycling to enjoy.

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Around Härnön – Pleasure cycling in the High Coast

On Härnön there are many nice roads and gravel paths suitable for what we call pleasure cycling. Cycling that focuses more on enjoyable days and the joy of discovery than adrenaline and training. Pleasure cycling is something most people can do and doesn’t require a special bike.
Being in the High Coast, some parts can be a bit hilly, but the nature and the view give energy and power to pedal uphill.

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Read more about mountain biking and cycling in the High Coast

There are many nice places to cycle in the High Coast. In a few places, cycling is not allowed. One such place is the Skuleskogen nature reserve. You can’t ride a bike there. Otherwise, the right of public access applies and as long as you follow it, cycling is allowed in the beautiful nature of the High Coast. Here are some tips for good cycling in the High Coast.

Mountain biking in Örnsköldsvik

Örnen Mountainbike Arena is open to the public and consists of a dozen marked trails and paths totalling about 30km.
The arena is part of the Skytti outdoor area where you can also start, but the main area is located above Järved. Here you will find newly built technical tracks with measured curves, wooden bridges, smaller jumps etc. for mountain biking, a technical area for children and adults and a paved pump track. Parking, toilet and bike wash are available in the area.

Mountain biking in Sollefteå

There are plenty of trails and paths to discover in and around Sollefteå. Whether you try the new trails on Hallstaberget or set off on a longer ride towards one of our other mountains in the area, we guarantee you’ll have a great experience.

Nice nature trails for MTB on Hemsön

Starting at our rental, there is a network of fun trails that we have cleared and adapted for cycling. With a full-suspension MTB, cycling becomes extra enjoyable!

Via the Trailforks app (free) you can see all our trails and tour suggestions. The route Älgarnas bakgård >> is a 10km loop that mostly follows a path, a short stretch of gravel road and is surrounded by very varied nature. It is challenging for most people but does not contain any jumps or major obstacles.

The Cold War around >> is a less technical loop of 22km that passes Hemsö Fortress where you can enjoy great views and good food. The route is half along minor sand/gravel roads and half on paths. This route still puts your leg muscles to the test as Hemsön is hilly.