Hiking trails on Härnön and Vårdkasen in Höga Kusten and Härnösand

Conference in Härnösand and Höga Kusten

Härnön in Härnösand is full of mountain peaks to climb and hiking trails to follow. The variation is great and it can change quickly. From deep forest to high mountain, from peaceful lake to lively sea, from mossy land to bare pebble field, from sandy beach to naturally shaped rocks.

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Härnöleden – Hiking trail in the High Coast

Start the hike directly from the train station in Härnösand or step out through the hotel and jump on the hiking trail.

The Härnöleden trail stretches about two miles around the whole of Härnön. You will walk in urban environments, through forests, over mountains and along the coast.

It’s relatively easy and suitable for most people, but there are more challenging detours for those who want them. Along the trail there are several viewpoints, shelters and barbecue areas. Don’t miss the various detours, that’s where you get the really nice views and experiences!

Härnöleden starts at Härnösand Central so you can just jump on directly from the train or bus. If you want to walk part of the trail, you can take bus 501 to Vangsta and during the summer all the way to Smitingen, bus 502 to Stenhammar (near Vårdkasen) or bus 503 to Högslätten. The Härnöleden is signposted with blue signs and white dots on trees.

Stage 1 Härnösand Central – Sälsten:
Length: 3.6 km along footpath and gravel road (easy)
Detour: Lövhällan 700 m

Stage 2 Sälsten – Smitingen:
Length: 7.8 km along forest path, country road and gravel road (easy, normal)
Detour: Smitingen 500 m

Stage 3 Smitingen – Vårdkasen:
Length: 6.3 km along forest path (normal)
Detours: Speckstaberget 1.5 km (demanding), Norra utsikten 1.6 km (demanding)

Stage 4 Vårdkasen – Härnösand Central:
Length: 5.4 km along forest path and footpath
Detours: southern view 300 m, Nattviksrundan 1,5 km

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Härnö Trail – Hike or run along nice trails on Härnön in Höga Kusten

Härnö Trail is one of Sweden’s most popular trail races with a challenging course where the longest distance is 21 km and stretches over 5 of Härnön’s peaks. The Härnö trail is just as good for hiking as it is for running.

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Read more about hiking and hiking trails in the High Coast

The High Coast is a World Heritage Site in Ångermanland and nowhere else on earth has the land uplift been as great since the ice sheet was released. The High Coast hike offers exciting geology, cultural history, magical forests, archipelago landscapes and some of the best views in the country.

The High Coast offers plenty of hiking opportunities – from well-known trails to forgotten detours. The High Coast Trail and the World Heritage Trail are two impressive trails that you can either hike separately or combine into a longer hike. Skuleskogen National Park is a great place for hiking and adventure. Here you can hike both shorter and longer tours and there are plenty of unique places to visit and enjoy at your own pace.

The High Coast Trail – One of Sweden’s 12 signature trails

The 13-mile-long High Coast Trail stretches through the entire High Coast World Heritage Site, from Hornöberget in the south to Örnsköldsvik in the north. The trail is divided into 13 stages, which are a unique mix of both archipelago and magical forest with exciting natural areas with rich flora and fauna.

There are many activities, detours and unique nature experiences to enjoy: deep forests, high calotte mountains, lookout mountains and rocky coasts, clapper fields, bathing coves and nature conservation areas. At times you are at levels 250 metres above sea level. Nowhere else in Sweden can you hike as high and as close to the coast as here!

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The World Heritage Trail – Hiking through fishing villages, near the sea and up mountains

The World Heritage Trail is an approx. 11-12 mile long hiking trail that goes through Nordingrå parish in the High Coast. The trail goes up and down many steep mountains, which offers incredible views, and it often goes close to the sea. It passes through many well-known places in the High Coast. Norrföällsviken, Bönhamn and Barsta are some of the fishing villages that the trail passes through. The World Heritage Trail is suitable for day hiking and contains many nice circular trails.

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Skuleskogen National Park

In Skuleskogen National Park, you can hike and experience powerful views from Slåttdalsberg, explore the Slåttdalsskrevan, take a dip at the sandy beach at Kälsviken and much more! Skuleskogen National Park has 3 entrances; Entrance North, South and West. The most popular way to enter the National Park is via the South Entrance. Which is often a good choice, but during the high season in mid-July the car park is often full and it is better to choose one of the other two entrances

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