Härnö Trail Kidz – Obstacle course for children in Höga Kusten

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Härnö Trail Kidz is an activity course for children in Höga Kusten that starts on the same gravel field as the Härnö Trail run. The obstacle course or activity course consists of a track of a few hundred metres in a cosy spruce forest and on open mountain slopes, consisting of 13 obstacles, or rather adventures. Each adventure is named after a place along the long Härnö Trail and there is also a small mission linked to each adventure.

If you’re looking for something to do outdoors with the kids when you’re in the High Coast, Härnö Trail Kidz is a very good choice. The course is varied and there is something for everyone. Härnö Trail Kidz is suitable for children from 2 years and up. (psst even adults can play and have fun in the obstacle course).

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Härnö Trail Kidz is located about 500 metres from Härnö Outdoor Lodge and the top of Vårdkasberget. Google on Härnö Trail Kidz and you will find road writing there.

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